Scapi Radio 02.12.18 Ashley Ray

We sit down with comic Ashley Ray to talk about adding randoms on facebook, Astrology roasting, balancing marketing expertise and DIY aesthetics, being unapologetically genuine in an age of “#blackwomanmagic” rhetoric, showing up for Chicago, and Daniel apologizes three times in three minutes


Scapi Radio 01.23.18 Passion House Coffee Roasters, Joshua Millman

We sit down with Joshua Millman from Passion House Coffee Roasters to talk about standards in craft coffee, building direct relationships in coffee sourcing, realizing you need to carve your own way, and numerology BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! At some point in the episode, Joshua announces a giveaway! The first three folks to email with Maureen, Daniel and Joshua’s correct birthdays will receive a free three month coffee subscription from Passion House! The only catch is, now we’ll know you know our birthdays and you’ll have no excuse not to bring us all cake.

Scapi Radio 10.04.17 Joelle Scillia, Rick Verkler, Tim Gillengerten, Megan Donahue, and Sean Sheridan

It’s the most guests we’ve had yet! We sit down with Joelle Scillia from the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, Rick Verkler from The Guesthouse Hotel, Tim Gillengerten from Transit Tees, Megan Donahue from Raven Theatre and Sean Sheridan from The Wooden Spoon to talk Andersonville Art Week, Collaboration and Individualism in Small Businesses, and Daniel almost burned the black bean burgers

Scapi Radio 09.28.17 Mac Anderson Cooper, Tiffany Renee Johnson, Kenya Ann Hall, Greg Geffrard

We sit down with Mac Anderson-Cooper, Tiffany Renee Jonson, Kenya Ann Hall, and Greg Geffrard from Poetic Forum Collective to talk about their upcoming production Saint Joan, presenting the work of George Bernard Shaw in a contemporary lens, using non-traditional casting as a tool to highlight the nuances of patriarchal white supremacy, and Daniel’s getting used to all the microphones

Scapi Radio 09.11.17 Sounding Board

CW: Substance Abuse After a week off, Maureen and Daniel are back and it’s a doozy. We first talk a little about our perpetual state of natural disaster and how Democracy Now! is ultimately the best place to get daily global news, and at 10:00-24:00 Daniel and Maureen talk about an ongoing struggle with substance abuse. WE also talk about Bojack Horseman’s newest season, and Biss’ running mate shuffle in the last week.

Scapi Radio 08.12.17 Glitter Doe

Our guest today asked to remain anonymous, but we had a fantastic conversation about her history with burlesque, her introduction to Gorilla Tango Burlesque and the recent worker’s rights violations that led to the troupe walking out of a performance. We of course stand with the folks (femme identifying and otherwise) working in the arts, and are glad to shed some light on the issue. Keep posted for the new P.S. Burlesque, as well as check the podcast “the nudes room” to check out more burlesque happenings!

Scapi Radio 08.07.17 Larry O. Dean

We sit down with Larry O. Dean from Folk You! and Excited Utterence to talk about his poetry, formatting albums and books as a creative, letting the political side bubble in the undercurrents of art, and “repurposing” furniture donated to laundry rooms

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Scapi Radio 08.03.17 Sounding Board

Maureen and Daniel sit down to talk about Lolla bullshit, Gov. Rauner’s veto of SB 1 being an indicator of his racism and disdain for Chicago Public Schools, Ameya Pawar and the gubernatorial race, and Maureen falls asleep

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IT’S OUR 100TH EPISODE! We’re in the studio with Joshua Louis Smith to talk about the difference between Abel and Isaac, the middle of the night Skinny Repeal vote and McConnell coping with his children dying on a beach shore every year, Scapi Sessions announcements, and we take a photo of Moody live on the air

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Scapi Studio 07.23.17 Catherinette

In preparation for their upcoming Scapi Session on Tuesday night, we’re joined in the studio for them to perform their EP for us and we chat about going rogue towards electronic “normal” music, the relatively new intimate singer/electronic genre, and hitting machinery. Have you considered donating to Scapi? We run on a shoestring budget, and all that we do is made possible solely from those who are able to give monthly. We hope to keep all of our content free and open to the public, forever, and kind donations like yours are the way we can. If you can’t donate, no worries, but please, listen, participate and share.

Scapi Radio 07.08.17 Daniel Johanson, Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith and Daniel Johanson are in the studio! We talk a stab at trying to explain what the hell Scapi Magazine has been up to this last month, we plug a couple events, and we talk about what the hell happened in the forum last week with a dash of keeping our communities accountable. Note from Maureen: We have discovered a metric to how upset Daniel is, and it has to do with F word frequency.

Scapi Sessions 07.04.17 Beatitweets and Barbershop

The second half of the audio of our Fourth of July concert with the premiere of Anthony Barrese’s Beatitweets, an interview with the composer, and the recording of our barbershop music with Joachim Luis, Joshua Louis Smith, Joshua Poucher, Daniel Johanson

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