Scapi Radio 02.12.18 Ashley Ray

We sit down with comic Ashley Ray to talk about adding randoms on facebook, Astrology roasting, balancing marketing expertise and DIY aesthetics, being unapologetically genuine in an age of “#blackwomanmagic” rhetoric, showing up for Chicago, and Daniel apologizes three times in three minutes


Questionable Internet Opinions 02.12.18

It’s Questionable Internet Opinions! Josh is here to talk about Imposter Syndrome, what has AGMA done for me lately, the call for coalitions in Chicago’s Opera Community (shout the fuck out Chicago Vocal Arts Consortium,) Daniel got a VPN, and we go over to talk about Homophobia in Opera’s most popular facebook group.

Scapi Radio 01.23.18 Passion House Coffee Roasters, Joshua Millman

We sit down with Joshua Millman from Passion House Coffee Roasters to talk about standards in craft coffee, building direct relationships in coffee sourcing, realizing you need to carve your own way, and numerology BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! At some point in the episode, Joshua announces a giveaway! The first three folks to email with Maureen, Daniel and Joshua’s correct birthdays will receive a free three month coffee subscription from Passion House! The only catch is, now we’ll know you know our birthdays and you’ll have no excuse not to bring us all cake.